Disability Law Clinic

The Disability Law Clinic represents people with disabilities in a wide variety of civil and administrative matters, including disability civil rights, access to assistive technology and special education cases.

Current projects include a federal lawsuit against the Law School Admission Council, alleging that the LSAT discriminates against blind test-takers; an administrative complaint challenging a condominium association's refusal to adopt a no-smoking policy as an accommodation for a resident with severe respiratory problems; and a charter school's failure to accommodate a student with chronic migraine headaches.

For students

The Disability Law Clinic is available for six credits. Enrollment is limited to eight students per semester.


  • Completed all required first-year courses
  • Good academic standing – at least a 2.0 GPA
  • LEX 6800 – Professional Responsibility

Additional information:

  • 12 "Office Hours" per week
  • May not be taken by those who have taken the Civil Rights Clinic (LEX 8607)

For more information, email lawclinics@wayne.edu or call (313) 577-4015.


David Moss

David Moss
Associate (Clinical) Professor
Director, Disability Law Clinic

David Moss
"It's one thing to learn the law to take an exam. It's another to use the law to interview, counsel and represent real clients. Clinical legal education integrates theory and practice. Our clinics give students hands-on experience, requiring them to formulate goals, explore options, plan strategy and make decisions with limited time and, often, incomplete information. The decisions our students make have real consequences for real clients."

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