Disability Law Clinic

The Disability Law Clinic represents people with disabilities in a wide variety of civil and administrative matters, including disability civil rights, access to assistive technology and special education cases.

Current projects include a federal lawsuit against the Law School Admission Council, alleging that the LSAT discriminates against blind test-takers; an administrative complaint challenging a condominium association's refusal to adopt a no-smoking policy as an accommodation for a resident with severe respiratory problems; and a charter school's failure to accommodate a student with chronic migraine headaches.

For students

The Disability Law Clinic is available for six credits. Enrollment is limited to eight students per semester.


  • Completed all required first-year courses
  • Good academic standing – at least a 2.0 GPA
  • LEX 6800 – Professional Responsibility

Additional information:

  • 12 "Office Hours" per week
  • May not be taken by those who have taken the Civil Rights Clinic (LEX 8607)

For more information, email lawclinics@wayne.edu or call (313) 577-4015.

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