Patent Procurement Clinic


Brooks Kushman Law Firm logoThe Patent Procurement Clinic at Wayne State University Law School is a legal partnership between Wayne Law and Brooks Kushman Law Firm that offers students training in practical lawyering skills while providing entrepreneurs and future business owners invaluable services to help them protect their intellectual property. 

For students

In this clinic, patent law students improve their skills in drafting patent applications, interacting with clients and prosecuting patents.  Each student will perform a patentability search, draft a patent application for a real client under the guidance of an experienced patent attorney, and perform patent prosecution tasks, such as responding to "office actions."

The Patent Procurement Clinic is a four (4) credit course and meets the experiential education requirement. Those who have taken the clinic for credit can continue with the Advance Patent Procurement Clinic for credit or volunteer non-credit basis. Students in their second semester will develop special projects with the professor; those working on a volunteer non-credit basis can have their hours counted for the Student Voluntary Pro Bono Program.


  • Completed all required first-year courses
  • Good academic standing – at least a cumulative 2.0 GPA or higher
  • LEX 7656 – Patent Law
  • LEX 6800 – Professional Responsibility
  • Undergraduate Science Degree
  • Consent of instructor

For prospective clients

As part of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's Clinic Certification Program, Wayne Law's Patent Procurement Clinic continues the Law School's traditional leadership in intellectual property law. 

The clinic offers important patent services, including: 

  • Patentability searches
  • Patent application drafting
  • Responses to patent office rejections

All patent services are provided by upper-level Wayne Law students with degrees in engineering or science (e.g. mechanical engineering or chemistry) supervised by Professor David Berry, who is of counsel with Brooks Kushman and has 15 years of experience as a practicing intellectual property attorney and more than 12 years of teaching experience.

The clinic's legal services are provided free of charge, however, clients are responsible for any and all filing fees. Clinic services are limited to inventors living in the state of Michigan.

To see if the Patent Procurement Clinic is accepting applications, and to submit an application, fill out this form.

Client application

For donors

Please consider investing in the work of the clinics by making a gift. Visit or contact Rob MacGregor, senior director of philanthropy, at (313) 577-4141 or


Due to COVID-19, Wayne Law's clinics are temporarily unable to accommodate walk-ins. Please use the information below to reach the Patent Procurement Clinic.

For more information, email or call (313) 577-4015.