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Reserving space for events

Check out upcoming Wayne Law events on the online events calendar.

Reserving space*

Interested in reserving space at the Law School for an upcoming event or meeting? Reserving a room is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Check out the online events calendar to look into the best potential date/time for your event.
  2. Send a request and completed reservation form to lawreservations@wayne.edu.
  3. Allow two business days for a response and/or confirmation. If you don't hear back, call (313) 577-3933.
  4. Once confirmed, contact Information Technology and/or Marketing and Communications, if needed. (See below.)

Guidelines, reservation fees

Consult the reservation form for important information about guidelines, room fees and audio-visual fees.

If you have questions about the form, guidelines or fees, call (313) 577-6497.

Information Technology

For assistance regarding audio-visual equipment, contact Media Services at least one week in advance at (313) 577-3950 or lawit@wayne.edu. Contact after you've officially booked your event with lawreservations@wayne.edu.

Marketing and Communications

For assistance or advice on how to best promote your event, contact Shawn Starkey, director of marketing and communications, at (313) 577-4629 or sstarkey@wayne.edu. Contact Starkey after you've officially booked your event with lawreservations@wayne.edu.

Guest parking

For parking arrangements, contact the Aramark/McGregor at (313) 577-2400.

* The Law School reserves the right to refuse to book any event.

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