Wayne State University

Public-interest law faculty

The distinguished faculty of Wayne Law includes professors who focus their work in areas of public-interest law, such as children's rights, civil liberties, community economic development, election law and human rights. In addition to bringing valuable public-interest experience into the classroom, many faculty members continue to actively engage in public service as board members or consultants to public-interest organizations or advocates in major litigation. 

Our faculty public-interest experts include:

Jocelyn Benson – Election law, sports and inequality, race and the law, education law, civil procedure

Kirsten Matoy Carlson – Native American law, civil procedure

Janet E. Findlater – Criminal law, child and family law, programs for foster children

Gregory H. Fox – International law

Lance A. Gable – Human rights, health, bioethics, social justice law

Noah D. Hall – Environmental law, transboundary pollution, interstate water management, citizen participation

Peter J. Hammer – International public health law, community development, law and economics

Marilyn Kelly – Public interest law, social justice law

Justin R. Long – State constitutionalism, federalism, educational equality

Christopher C. Lund – Religious liberty, constitutional litigation

John E. Mogk – Urban law and policy, abandoned land, urban farming

Adele M. Morrison – Criminal law, child and family law, sexuality and the law

David R. Moss – Public interest law, disability law

Nick Schroeck – Environmental law

Robert A. Sedler – Constitutional law and litigation

Rachel Settlage – Immigration and refugee law

Kathryn M. Smolinski – Disability law and public benefits

Jonathan T. Weinberg – Immigration and citizenship law

Eric C. Williams – Small business, nonprofit corporations, community economic development

Steven L. Winter – Constitutional law and legal theory, constitutional litigation

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