Wayne State University

Public-interest law faculty

The distinguished faculty of Wayne Law includes professors who focus their work in areas of public-interest law, such as children's rights, civil liberties, community economic development, election law and human rights. In addition to bringing valuable public-interest experience into the classroom, many faculty members continue to actively engage in public service as board members or consultants to public-interest organizations or advocates in major litigation. 

Our faculty public-interest experts include:

Jocelyn Benson – Election law, sports and inequality, race and the law, education law, civil procedure

Kirsten Matoy Carlson – Native American law, civil procedure

Janet E. Findlater – Criminal law, child and family law, programs for foster children

Gregory H. Fox – International law

Lance A. Gable – Human rights, health, bioethics, social justice law

Noah D. Hall – Environmental law, transboundary pollution, interstate water management, citizen participation

Peter J. Hammer – International public health law, community development, law and economics

Marilyn Kelly – Public interest law, social justice law

Justin R. Long – State constitutionalism, federalism, educational equality

Christopher C. Lund – Religious liberty, constitutional litigation

John E. Mogk – Urban law and policy, abandoned land, urban farming

Adele M. Morrison – Criminal law, child and family law, sexuality and the law

David R. Moss – Public interest law, disability law

Nick Schroeck – Environmental law

Robert A. Sedler – Constitutional law and litigation

Rachel Settlage – Immigration and refugee law

Kathryn M. Smolinski – Disability law and public benefits

Jonathan T. Weinberg – Immigration and citizenship law

Eric C. Williams – Small business, nonprofit corporations, community economic development

Steven L. Winter – Constitutional law and legal theory, constitutional litigation

"Wayne Law helped prepare me for my public-interest career through its historical commitment to serve the community and its location in the heart of Detroit. Wayne Law exhibits this dedication by its selection of insightful, culturally sensitive faculty and class offerings that reflect the needs of the surrounding community. It is within this socially conscientious environment that Wayne Law nurtured my desire to champion the causes of justice for those whose voices might otherwise be muted."

Tracy Green
Legal Director, Detroit Center for Family Advocacy
Wayne Law Class of 1995

Advocating for justice, serving the community, revitalizing Detroit and Michigan