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Public Interest Career Center

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Welcome to the Public Interest Career Center, the career hub of the public-interest community at Wayne Law.

Public-interest law is defined broadly to include all legal work serving underrepresented people or causes or that attempts to positively affect society at large. This includes traditional public-interest work, such as direct legal services for the elderly or indigent, as well as government service and private sector pro bono work. It offers diverse and exciting practices around the country and across the globe in settings ranging from federal, state and local governmental agencies to nonprofit organizations, policy centers, law schools, and large and small firms.

The Public Interest Career Center provides an array of services to assist Wayne Law students and alumni in their pursuit of public-interest employment. From on-site advising and public-interest specific job fairs and events to fellowships and funding support, the center offers job-search resources for all stages of career development.

If you aspire to become a public-interest attorney, your journey begins here.

"Attending Wayne Law afforded me the unique opportunity to live and work in Detroit and to learn from world-class legal minds who wrestle with many of the same urban issues I was facing in my career. As someone who went back to school after working for over a decade in the world of government, nonprofit and community-based organizations, law school provided a foundation of understanding that gave me a deeper insight into how our society works and where I can help shape it for the public good."

Francis Grunow
Urbanist and Public Policy Consultant
Wayne Law Class of 2010

Advocating for justice, serving the community, revitalizing Detroit and Michigan