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Wayne Law Professors Play Active Role in Area Legal Issues

September 11, 2008

DETROIT (Sept. 10, 2008) – As the dust begins to settle on the city of Detroit after Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s resignation, word of the professionalism, expertise and civic-mindedness of Wayne State University Law School professors called upon in the matter continues to spread.

Professors Peter Hammer, Peter Henning and Robert Sedler – experts in contract law, criminal law and constitutional law, respectively – have played significant roles in the high profile case, demonstrating to students, peers and the public their dedication to public service and the manner in which different areas of legal expertise can come into play in a public controversy.

“Professors Hammer, Henning and Sedler are nationally recognized and highly respected in the legal community and beyond for their commitment to public service and vast knowledge of the law,” said Wayne Law Dean and Professor of Law Robert M. Ackerman. “It is due to this kind of engagement by our diverse faculty in the legal community – and the scholarly expertise behind it – that Wayne Law students are able to study in a wide variety of program areas, develop critical thinking skills and thrive upon graduation.”

All three faculty members have been quoted extensively by local, national and international media outlets regarding this matter. In addition, Professor Sedler served as an attorney in the forfeiture hearings, which resulted in a ruling that the City Council lacked the power to removed Kilpatrick. And, Professor Hammer testified about the "legal effect" of the settlement agreements related to the whistle-blower lawsuits.

Dean Ackerman added, “Our professors’ involvement on this and other important community issues is just another shining example of why Wayne Law’s faculty truly is top notch.”

Those interested in perusing articles featuring Professors Hammer, Henning and Sedler – as well as other Wayne Law faculty experts – can visit Wayne Law’s Professors in the News page online at http://www.law.wayne.edu/Professors_in_news.html.

A Wayne Law professor since 2003, Professor Hammer specializes in Health Law & Policy, examining the industry from an institutional economic perspective. Professor Hammer received a J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School and a Ph.D. (economics) from the University of
Michigan. In addition to contracts in the first year curriculum, he teaches Health Care Quality, Licensing & Liability; Health Care Organization & Finance; International Organizations & Public Health, and Health Policy: The Firm, The Market & The Law. For more information on Professor Hammer, please visit http://www.law.wayne.edu/faculty/profiles/hammer_peter.html.

Professor Henning joined the Wayne Law faculty in 1994 as an associate professor, and was promoted to professor of law in 2002. He graduated magna cum laude from Georgetown University Law Center in 1985 and teaches Corporations, White Collar Crime, Professional Responsibility & the Legal Profession, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, and Securities Litigation. For more information on Professor Henning, please visit http://www.law.wayne.edu/faculty/profiles/henning_peter.html.

Professor Sedler, Distinguished Professor of Law, has been at Wayne Law since 1977. He earned a J.D. from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law and teaches Constitutional Law and Conflict of Laws at Wayne Law. Professor Sedler has litigated a large number of important civil rights and civil liberties cases in Michigan. For more information on Professor Sedler, please visit http://www.law.wayne.edu/faculty/profiles/sedler_robert.html.

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