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New Journal of Law in Society focuses on voter representation, prviatization and regionalism

August 23, 2012


DETROIT— The Journal of Law in Society, in partnership with the Wayne State University Law School Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights, has released Volume 13, No. 1: A Focused Discussion on Governance. This volume provides a compilation of commentary on the role of governance in everyday life in Detroit and ideals for effective interaction between government and the governed.
The articles address problems of voter representation, privatization, and regionalism. They point out failing models, success stories, and areas ripe for development.
The Journal of Law in Society seeks to establish stronger ties between Wayne State Law School and the great Detroit community.
“The journal's relationship with the Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights is a great fit,” says former Editor-in-Chief Chelsea Zuzindlak, who supervised the compilation. “Together we look forward to pursuing our goals of raising local and national visibility of cutting-edge scholarship – much of which was produced right here in Detroit.”
Professor Peter Hammer, director of the Keith Center and faculty advisor to the Journal, says, “These important issues do not receive adequate attention in the mainstream media. It is the responsibility of the Keith Center and the Journal to serve as a forum where a more thoughtful discussion of these social issues can take place from a rights-based perspective.”
The issue is online at http://law.wayne.edu/journal-of-law-society/current.php. For more information regarding The Journal of Law in Society, including contributors and upcoming issues, please visit http://law.wayne.edu/journal-of-law-society/. 
For more details about The Journal of Law in Society, email Business Editor Maggie Seeger at Maggie.Seeger@gmail.com.

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