Wayne State University

Returning to complete your LL.M. degree

A temporary, one-time opportunity is available for some former Wayne Law LL.M. students to resume their studies and graduate.

This Renewal Program is for students who were unable to complete their degree within the six-year requirement. Wayne Law understands that economic conditions have made it difficult to work and study while shouldering family responsibilities. We appreciate that you have invested time, energy and resources, and we want to help you complete your degree.

To participate, you must:

  • Have entered the LL.M. program in the year 2004 or later.
  • Have completed at least nine credits toward your LL.M. degree.
  • Have exited the LL.M. program solely by failing to complete the degree requirements within the specified six years.
  • Be up to date or become up to date on your financial obligations to the university.
  • Meet with the Law School's director of graduate studies to understand where you discontinued your studies, whether any of the classes you took are out of date and what would be a sensible roadmap for completing the program.
  • Re-enroll in courses by the first day of the 2015 fall semester.
  • Complete all remaining coursework and the master's thesis within two years from the date you re-enroll.

Download the Renewal Program application 

For more information about the program, email llmprogram@wayne.edu.


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