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As fall colors begin to show, Wayne Law's LL.M. students are delving into the details of their coursework, from U.S. Law majors surveying topics in the U.S. common law tradition, to Taxation majors exploring the legislative process and international tax-avoidance schemes with Distinguished Professor Alan Schenk and former U.S. Sen. Carl Levin of our Levin Center at Wayne Law, to Corporate and Finance majors looking into international business transactions with Professor Julia Qin. Labor and Employment majors are benefiting from a special seminar on Access to Justice taught by retired Michigan Supreme Court Justice Marilyn Kelly and in one case taking a graduate course outside the Law School in employment law.

On Friday, Oct. 16, LL.M. students will participate in a series of workshops designed to help them succeed in their courses and to achieve their objectives in the LL.M. program. International students will participate in a workshop with staff from the Office of International Students and Scholars. That workshop will cover visa questions that may have arisen and review the government's requirements for work permits. Following that workshop, LL.M. students will have a hands-on session with our legal writing specialist, Delores Mayer, on preparing for and taking law exams. While the session is especially designed for international LL.M. students, domestic LL.M. students also are invited to attend. An exam-writing reminder may be important for students who have been away from law school for a few years. The final session is a master's thesis workshop that is mandatory for students in the Taxation, Corporate and Finance Law, and Labor and Employment Law majors. (U.S. Law majors do not write a thesis but are welcome to join the workshop for guidance on writing scholarly papers that may be useful help in preparing for seminar papers.) Kristin Theut, director of legal research and writing, and I will lead the Thesis Workshop.

Events of interest to students in all the majors continue to take place weekly at the Law School, and various faculty have planned outings and activities designed to introduce our international LL.M. students to Detroit and the region. Announcements regarding these events will be sent to students as they are finalized.

Meanwhile, recruitment of the fall 2016 class of LL.M. students has begun. A much smaller class tends to enter Wayne Law’s LL.M. program in the winter term, and students who have been conditionally accepted pending their studies at the English Language Institute soon will receive notice of their status. As always, we welcome inquiries and applicants and generally have rolling acceptance dates once applications are complete. Keep in mind, however, that start dates in the fall tend to create the most opportunities for involvement in student activities. Also, the fall orientation permits students to get acquainted with the other master's students as well as J.D. students. For U.S. Law majors, a fall start date tends to work better for scheduling of courses. Prospective students should contact us with any questions after reviewing the material on the LL.M. website.

Linda McKissack Beale
Professor of Law
Director of Graduate Studies

Oct. 8, 2015

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