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LL.M. program

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In addition to the juris doctor program, Wayne State University Law School offers four graduate programs in law. The master of laws programs are meant for people who already have completed a first degree in law – either the American J.D. degree or a foreign equivalent.

Our four LL.M. programs are in:

  • Corporate finance law
  • Labor and employment law
  • Tax law
  • U.S. law (available to foreign applicants only)

Our LL.M. programs are designed for those with focused objectives. Many of our students have practiced law for a number of years and wish to attain a higher level of sophistication in their field of expertise. Others are seeking to change the direction of their careers. Some students are with us on a full-time basis. Others study part time. Some are from the United States. Others come to us from abroad. All have several things in common: a distinguished record of success, clear professional objectives and a strong motivation to succeed in an intellectually demanding program of study.

The director of graduate studies assists those interested in pursuing an LL.M. degree. Upon enrollment graduate students are responsible for ensuring they take required courses for their field and that they satisfy all course requirements for the degree. Course offerings may vary from year to year, and certain courses outside the Law School may be taken only when equivalent courses aren't offered in the Law School during the academic year in question. Students should consult with a faculty advisor or with the director of graduate studies to determine a reasonable schedule of courses.

Graduate students must satisfy special rules set out in the Master of Laws Academic Regulations. Graduate students should ensure that their course plans satisfy the requirements for certification in the selected field. Requests for waivers of specific requirements may be granted by the director of graduate studies. If you have questions about the graduate programs offered at Wayne Law, email llmprogram@wayne.edu.

Wayne State University operates on a semester system, with the fall semester typically beginning in late August and the winter semester beginning in early January. The Law School also has a summer semester beginning in mid-May. Specific dates can be found by accessing the Law School academic calendars. Students from outside the United States are strongly encouraged to commence their studies in the fall semester to benefit from the Law School’s orientation program and so they can enroll in Introduction to the Legal System of the U.S. at the outset of their studies.

Full-time students typically complete the program in one to two years. Part-time students usually take longer. In all cases, the program must be completed no later than six years after studies have been commenced.

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