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Issues for 2015-2016

Each year, the Journal publishes two issues with an editorial focus. Additionally, each year the Journal solicits articles from panelists and speakers who attend the Journal's annual symposium. Depending on the quantity of articles received from symposia participants, the Journal may choose to publish a separate symposium issue; otherwise, symposia-related articles are published in the first issue of a given volume.

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Although the editorial focus of future issues is unknown at this time, authors may e-mail submissions as Microsoft Word attachments to the Reviewing Editor at

Authors should use footnotes, rather than endnotes, when formating citations. Additionally, the Journal prefers citations that conform to the Bluebook (19th ed. 2010) citation format. However, authors unfamiliar with the Bluebook citation format may use another standardized citation format, as long as there is sufficient data in the cite to facilitate the finding of the cited source. Lastly, please include a brief cover letter summarizing the topic of your article and a copy of your resume or CV.

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