Current Issue

The Journal of Law in Society

Volume 14.1

Fall 2013

Number 1

Vulnerable Populations 


Law, Policies in Practice and Social Norms: Coverage of Transgender Discrimination Under Sex Discrimination Law by Chai Feldblum


Par for Course?: Exploring the Impacts of Incarceration and Marginalization on Poor Black Men in the U.S. by Nekima Levy-Pounds


Victory Without Success? - The Guantanamo Litigation, Permanent Preventive Detention, And Resisting Injustice by Professor Jules Lobel 


Water Privatization Overview: A Public Interest Perspective on For-Profit, Private Sector Provision of Water and Sewer Services in the United States by Mary Grant


Increasing Access to Justice For All: The Programs and Community Partnerships of the Adams-Pratt Oakland County Law Library and Their Impact on Self-Represented Litigants in Southeast Michigan by Laura N. Mancini


Detroit Water and Sewerage Department: Bringing Credibility to a Beleaguered System Through Regional Cooperation and Technology by John P. McCulloch


Early Childhood Education: An Ignored Solution to the Achievement Gap in the United States by Mary Therese O'Sullivan


Free Speech After Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association: The Future of Video Game Regulation by Ryan Paree


Depopulating Cities and Chronic Fiscal Stress: The Detroit Story by Eric A. Scorsone


Regulating Hydraulic Fracturing in Michigan: The Protection of our Waters and our People Hits Another Roadblock by Amanda Skalski


Emergency Financial Management of Cities by the State: A Cure or Simply "Kicking the Can Down the Road"? by Michael L. Stampfler


Shariah Law and American Family Courts: Judicial Inconsistency on the Talaq and Mahr Issues in Wayne County, Michigan by Ihsan Ali Alkhatib 


The Connection Between Concussions and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) in Professional Athletics: A Necessary Change in the "Sports Culture" in Light of Legal Barriers by Ashleigh Weinbrecht