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Description of externships

How to register for an internship - J.D.

Externship registration request - J.D.

How to register for an internship - LL.M.

Externship registration request - LL.M.

Externship standards


Internships are available for ungraded course credits for J.D. students in good academic standing who have satisfactorily completed the first year, including legal writing. LL.M. students with a 3.0 GPA (or director’s permission) and the equivalent of the first year also may enroll in internships related to their concentration.

Field work

In the fall and winter terms, students may earn two credits by performing at least 100 hours of supervised fieldwork (about eight hours per week) or three credits by performing at least 150 hours of supervised fieldwork (about 12 hours per week). In the spring/summer term, students may earn one credit by performing at least 50 hours of supervised fieldwork.

Internship class

In addition to the field work component, interns attend an internship class. The class meets regularly throughout the semester but not necessarily every week. Class attendance is required. Check the registration packet for dates and times of the class. If you know in advance that you cannot attend each class for a particular internship, then you shouldn't register for that internship during the current semester.

Detailed logs

Interns keep a daily, detailed log of the work they perform at the site. The field placement supervisor signs the log weekly, and the student turns it in regularly.

Journals and evaluations

Students complete an internship evaluation and other class assignments (such as journals) and have their field supervisor submit an evaluation of their work.

Placement selection

Students arrange their own internships. Description of internships

Registration and director’s consent

No student may register for an internship without the approval of the director or assistant director of clinical education.

Internship credit limits

The faculty has imposed a six-credit limit on the total number of internship credits a student may earn and a 14-credit limit on the total number of credits a student can earn through clinics or internships. Internship standards

For more information, contact Assistant (Clinical) Professor David Moss, director of clinical education, Room 3384, (313) 577-3970 or david.moss@wayne.edu.

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