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ILSA: Then and now

The International Law Student Association (ILSA) reclaimed its position as an active organization on the law school campus in the Fall 2008. The two co-Presidents, Sonia Salah and Fadwa Alawieh, embarked on the journey to revive the association as they were fueled with a desire for an organization addressing various aspects of International Law. It is with this goal in mind that they, with the help of their advisor Gregory Fox, organized several highly successful events, including speakers on a variety of current and global topics.

The year started with Daniel Benjamin, a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution, to speak on “The Middle East and the Next President: What Direction for U.S. Foreign Policy,” followed by Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Abraham from the Army Reserves, to speak on “The Mistakes on Guantanamo and the Decline of America’s Image: The Ghosts of Nuremberg.” It was only fitting that this successful year end with a speech on “whether the Obama administration would open up the Cuba embargo.” But, it is worth noting, besides the relevancy and the significance of these topics on the international legal arena, ILSA prides itself in the uniqueness of its speakers, as their work has influenced Supreme Court decisions.

In addition to ILSA’s academic contributions, the organization held sessions on Study Abroad Programs for students who were interested in extending and building their international legal studies abroad. It is in these ways, therefore, that ILSA has been revived and become one of the most active organizations on the law school campus.

With the start of the new academic year, ILSA has an exciting future ahead with more speakers on relevant hot topics, such as the climate change and ratifying human rights treaties, as well as events and activities to serve the needs of the student body and the community.

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