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Photo of Robert SedlerMany law schools market their faculty as being the best of the best. At Wayne Law, we have concrete evidence of our faculty’s success in their numerous books, articles, prominent cases, expert blogs, and regular comments in local, national and international news sources. They bring a rare wealth of experience and knowledge to the classroom. And their first priority is always students. Our faculty members aren't only educators but also mentors, friends and colleagues. They challenge students to raise their expectations and reach heights never thought possible.

Our faculty members are internationally renowned legal experts. They travel around the world, teaching students at colleges and universities and speaking at high-profile conferences. Some even assist governments and international institutions in reforming or establishing laws.

"My experience with the faculty at Wayne Law has been nothing short of exceptional. The faculty exhibits a genuine concern for my success as a student and has provided me with encouragement and support whenever I was in need. I have come to admire the professors who have played a role in my professional and personal development and wouldn't have achieved such a high degree of success without their influence in my life."

David Furman, Oxford Township
Wayne Law Class of 2015
Graduate of Oakland University

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