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Externships are an integral part of the experiential learning program at Wayne Law. Students who elect to complete an externship earn academic credit while gaining practical experience outside the Law School walls. Externships develop students' professional skills, values and judgment as they learn about professionalism, the practice of law and the legal system, while becoming reflective practitioners with the capacity for self-directed professional growth.

Wayne Law offers four externship programs:

Externs work at least 150 hours in one of many approved field placements. These opportunities range from the U.S. Attorney's Office to the Michigan Court of Appeals to the American Civil Liberties Union. If they wish, externship students also may find their own unique placement opportunities and request approval from the program director.

In addition to their fieldwork, students complete complementary colloquia, a classroom component tailored to help them achieve their externship goals. Taught by experienced practitioners, the colloquia teach students about the roles and responsibilities of practicing attorneys and strategic and ethical issues in their field of law. Externships are available to J.D. students, as well as LL.M. students. For more information, visit the Externship FAQ page or lawexternships@wayne.edu.

How to apply for externships

Externship FAQ

Externship registration request - J.D.

Externship registration request - LL.M.

Externship Standards

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"The best part about Wayne Law for me was some of the professors and the other progressive-minded students who are now my colleagues in the struggle. Internships and clinics were also very important. That's where I met a lot of my mentors and actually how I was first able to work at Legal Aid and Defender of Detroit and eventually found the Sugar Law Center."

Tony Paris
Lead Attorney, Sugar Law Center for Economic & Social Justice
Wayne Law Class of 2007

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