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Exam schedule variances

Scheduled variances

Students who wish to request an alternative schedule for any of their law school exams must submit an Exam Variance Request to the Dean of Students Office.

Variances can be based on documented disabilities; contact the dean of students.

In certain circumstances, variances can be issued to non-native English speakers. Submit the Foreign Language Variance Request Form and ESL Exam Variance Request to the Dean of Students Office.

Extenuating circumstances

  • Exam schedule – Conflicts are governed by the Academic Regulations. Questions about the application of the Academic Regulations are handled by the dean of students.
  • Delay or inability to arrive for exams – Students who experience an emergency that delays or prevents their arrival for a scheduled law school exam must contact the Dean of Students Office immediately.
  • Other situations – Students facing other extraordinary situations beyond their control that affect their ability to take an exam should contact the dean of students as soon as practical to discuss the circumstances.

Contact information

Dean of Students
(313) 577-3993

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