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Wayne Law clinical faculty - fall 2015Today’s employers are looking for candidates who excel in both legal theory and practice. More and more, they are looking to hire graduates who have already worked for legal practitioners on actual cases and have experienced firsthand the inner workings of the legal system.

Wayne Law’s client clinics are directed by full-time expert faculty members and help bridge the gap between theory and practice. Located on or close to campus and offered for credit, our clinics provide hands-on casework to law students while simultaneously assisting residents of the Detroit Metropolitan community.

For more information, email lawclinics@wayne.edu or call (313) 577-4015.

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"It's one thing to learn the law to take an exam. It's another to use the law to interview, counsel and represent real clients. Clinical legal education integrates theory and practice. Our clinics give students hands-on experience, requiring them to formulate goals, explore options, plan strategy and make decisions with limited time and, often, incomplete information. The decisions our students make have real consequences for real clients."

David Moss
Associate (Clinical) Professor
Director, Civil Rights Clinic

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