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Career resources materials

The Career Services Office provides informational guides and reference materials to assist you in your career exploration, job search and professional development. While many of our materials are available online, additional resources are available in our office.

Job-Search Resources

Symplicity Student User Guide
Job Search Fundamentals
Job Search Advice for the New Graduate
Job Fishing: A Primer on Pond Size
Myths of the Legal Job Market
Understanding the Job Search Process
Make the Most of a Career Fair
Organizing Your Job Search
Manage Stress During Your Job Search
Reasons Your Job Search May Be Stalled
Tips for the New Law Graduate

Long-Distance Job Search


1L Job Search

3L Career Resources

5 Strategic Ways to Land Employment

Understanding the Job Search
Tips for the New Law Graduate
Job Search Advice for New Graduates

Public-Interest Job Search

Public Interest Career Guide
Government Careers Guide
Funding Your Summer Public Interest Position
Postgraduate Fellowship Primer
Post‐Graduate Fellowships – Information and Resources
Post‐Graduate International Law Fellowships
Federal Legal Employment Opportunities Guide
Government Honors & Internship Handbook
Pro Bono Interview Skills
Public Interest Jobs Clearinghouse
2013-14 Guide to Internships & Fellowships in Reproductive Rights & Justice

Resumes and Correspondence


Interviewing Skills


Savvy Networking for Law Students
Informational Interviews
Make the Most of Career Fairs
Make the Most of Networking Events : How to Work a Room
Resources for Networking and Interview Preparation
Holiday Networking
Business Etiquette Guide in a Digital Age

Professional development

Thrive in Your Summer Legal Position
Summer Clerkship Commandments
When Your Summer Firm Doesn’t Extend an Offer
Professional Polish for Students and Associates
Email Etiquette
Legal Business Etiquette Guide
Lessons for New Lawyers – Surviving Your “Junior” Years
Personal Isn’t Private – Advice for New Lawyers in the New Millennium Internships
Internship Placements Guide
Internship Standards
Judicial Internship Placements Directory
Reasons Your Job Search May Be Stalled
Government Careers Guide
Government Honors Handbook
10 Success Traits You can Adopt in 10 Minutes

Judicial clerkships

2013 Judicial Clerkship Handbook
Judicial Clerkship Timeline
State Judicial Clerkships Guide
Wayne Law Alumni Judicial Clerk Directory
Obtaining Good Judicial Clerkship Letters of Recommendation
How to Address Judges in Your Correspondence
Path to the Federal Bench
Judicial Clerkship Registration Form
The Law Clerks-Profile of an Institution
The Market for Federal Judicial Law Clerks
2012 NALP Judicial Clerkship Biography
Michigan Courts Model Code of Conduct
NALP Insight and Inside Information for Select State Court Clerkships
Federal Staff Attorney Positions
How Not to Get a Judicial Clerkship
Ten Things Every Law Student Should Know About Judicial Clerkships

Off‐campus career fairs

Off‐Campus Career Fairs
Make the Most of Career Fairs
Make the Most of Networking Events

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